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On January 8 2000 in Pristina (Kosovo), Pito woke me up earlier than usual with an unusual vocal urgency - his hind legs were paralysed - he couldn't figure out why, and neither could I. After visits to vets in Pristina and in Skopje, he gained partial use of his hind legs but, his condition had worsened as he developed a neurolgical problem that the vets did not have a solution for. On January 10 2000 at 11:00am Pito was put to sleep at the Veterinary Institute in Skopje. Those were three of the most difficult days I have had in a very long time.

Thank you so much, Ivanski, Evgenia, Maria, Jovanka and Andrew - you all did your best to make it easier for me - and it really did make a big difference - it means so much to me to have such good friends - "Hvala mnogu".

pito_door.JPG (22184 bytes) Pito surveying his kingdom pito_sleep1.JPG (31398 bytes)

Once again asleep on me


pito_sleep2.JPG (31416 bytes)

Asleep on my lap

pito_frolic2.JPG (23060 bytes) Frolicking in the sun pito_lilies.JPG (39173 bytes) Pito among the flowers pito_frolic1.JPG (21314 bytes)

Pito frolicking once again.Check out the size of that paw

pito_eyes.JPG (18448 bytes)

Pito under a stool    

Ciao bello!

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