Tatjana's Wonderful Dog - OTTO

15 June 1996 - 14 January 1998 (Vienna, Austria)

"In memory, love lives forever - I miss you my white angel" - Tatjana Hazagordzian


ottohead.JPG (19388 bytes) "Just one more, please" ottotat1.JPG (87349 bytes) Out with mommy for a walk ottosit3.JPG (68149 bytes) Afternoon siesta
ottoneig.JPG (291548 bytes) "My kingdom for a french fry" ottotat2.JPG (120677 bytes)  "...hmm, that tastes good" ottotug.JPG (46876 bytes) "Please play with me!"
heady.jpg (108164 bytes) "That's close enough, big boy" tugowar.jpg (67104 bytes) Tug of war - over Tatjana's smelly shoe - why? Otto was one of the most beautiful dogs I had ever seen - what a specimen! Long live Otto, in our memories.

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