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In Memory of a Great Cat

Pito, who was loved by all and feared by a few, now in Cat Heaven, after giving a life of loyalty and companionship to Tony, and at other times, to Cita and her family, will always be remembered fondly. The cat with the greatest travel stories and the only Cat I know who lived his last days not in Queens, but in Khosovo, keeping Tony warm. The cat who had his way paid to Thailand and Geneva and Macedonia and Prystina, who was a Cat among Cats, recieving this glorious attention, first, because he was sweet and cuddly, and then, because he had those big paws, and he was all black, very masculine, and never without an aura of majestic, aloof independence. We remember Pito because he was loved and recognized by people who had travelled halfway around the world from Manhattan to the Balkans. Most of all we remember Pito because of how loyal and loving Tony always was to him, and because it tells us us something very special about our brother, our friend.
We miss Pito:we miss him for you.
Bye Bye Pito