Bernadina's Tribute






(Extracted from an email sent to me on 17 January 2000)

"Squito [her name for him] was the dearest cat I've ever met and I've had recurring visions of him at various stages of our relationship (Pito's and mine). They keep appearing as if a news channel is reviewing the events of the past year all within 30 seconds. His decision to seek refuge under the bath tub; eating grass then promptly depositing the contents of his stomach in the living room; the way he salivated when we ate curried tuna; his "brup brups" as he would walk me to the kitchen in the morning to show me where his breakfast was located (just in case I forgot where the kitchen was and the cupboard that housed his food); his jaunts in the jungle, the slap on Tonto's [neighbour's dog] nose when he sniffed Pito's food; sleeping under the duvet; tormenting the dumb collie. That's the essence of Pito, he'll always be a rat!"

Bernadina Pito loved you very much, I'm sure.