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griffin.JPG (39399 bytes)  Laurie Esposito's "The Gruff" - "Griffin" kieran.JPG (34908 bytes)  Suhita and Örjan's little Kieran CATHY.JPG (18538 bytes) Patricia and Neil's baby girl, Cathy at six months
BEACHBUM.JPG (12584 bytes) Patricia's Cathy at a Thai island resort practicing for the 2016 Olympics to be held in Skopje, Macedonia - NOT! manon1.JPG (25628 bytes) David & Isabelle's first born - Manon ELLIOT.jpg (32812 bytes) Elliot Falces showing off his blue eyes.
elliot2.JPG (22592 bytes) What a smile from Elliot Falces man_ell1.JPG (39358 bytes).Manon and Elliot Falces - "Well done, Isabelle and David!" manon2.JPG (37343 bytes) Princess Manon surveying her domain
HERMOSOS.BMP (78262 bytes) Veronica (Aldunate) and Alejandro's kids in Santiago Chile - Josefina and Alejandrito griffin2.JPG (26769 bytes)

Laurie's Griffin - now a big boy of 10 months!

rajeev1.JPG (12440 bytes) Alexander and Beatrice in the hospital in Stockholm
rajeev2.JPG (18973 bytes) Alexander, my new godson, catching some zzzzzzz's in the hospital rajeev3.JPG (23217 bytes) Henrico and Alexander (aka, Rajeev) in the hospital in Stockholm rajeev4.JPG (19547 bytes) Alexander holding on to mummies thumb
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